Transport from Rogers in 2023

While volunteering at the local animal shelter, prior to COVID closing the facility to volunteers, the founder of CART observed the overpopulation of rescued cats and dogs in a state that does not have enough demand to absorb the available supply. Subsequently, while running a small foster-based rescue, she stumbled upon a transport relationship, which resulted in 90 cats being sent to Minnesota in an 8-month period. All the cats were adopted, most within 2 weeks!

CART was created in 2022 to help local rescues and shelters send adoptable cats and dogs on transport, making room to save more animals. What distinguishes our program from other transporters is that we pull animals that fit our destination partners’ target criteria. This strategy frees up space in our local partners yet doesn’t bog down our receiving partners with difficult-to-place animals.

In exchange, CART asks every destination partner to ‘give back’ something to help these local rescues and shelters.  A few partners will take unaltered animals and handle the spay/neuter surgery at no cost or have capacity in their medical facilities to assist with surgery cases.  Some provide excess supplies or merchandise or accept FIV+ cats or heartworm positive dogs.  Even those destination partners that can’t ‘give back’ participate in special assistance programs such as Cat Foster Sponsorship, the Catty Litter, or the Pre-Mo Canines. Our partnerships are built upon collaboration and cooperation.

Read about our Arkansas Rescue Transport Coalition.


CART was incorporated in January 2022 and is a 501(c)3 approved organization.