central arkansas rescue transport


CART’s founder volunteered at the local animal shelter before the facility closed to volunteers and the public for 16 months due to the COVID Pandemic. She witnessed the dilemma of animal overpopulation in a state that does not have enough demand to absorb the available supply. Subsequently, while running a small foster-based rescue, she stumbled upon a transport relationship, which resulted in 90 cats sent to Minnesota in an 8-month period. All the cats were adopted, most within 2 weeks!

CART was created to help local rescues and shelters send adoptable cats on transport, making room to save more cats. What distinguishes our program for other transporters is that we pull cats that are very adoptable, ones that our receiving partners can quickly get adopted. This strategy frees up space in our local partners yet doesn’t bog down our receiving partners with difficult-to-place animals.

Another aspect of our program that is unique is that we strive to assist our receiving partners in this effort. We work with our partners to streamline the transport intake process, as well as prepare promotional materials to assist in finding “the Right Fit for each cat.”

CART was incorporated in January 2022 and is a 501(c)3 approved organization.